More Jesus in Our Faith

Christian Faith has become platitudes. Christian Faith has become a system of belief rather than a way of life. Christian Faith has become just another equation by which we try to figure things out rather than the Solution to the Problems in our lives. Christian Faith has become a social club, a place to have pie and coffee, a place to be entertained. Christian Faith has become an old pet dog, toothless, lazy, lifeless, pampered and without a bark.

The Christian Faith used to be bold, agitating, defiant before the world, unapologetic. Christian Faith led Paul to share the Gospel message with those who just tried to kill him. Christian Faith took Peter from a shameful denial of Christ to become a principled defender of the Gospel. Christian Faith led Stephen to step within a stone’s throw of intolerant zealots in order to stand up for Jesus. Christian Faith led Cornelius to seek out the truth. Christian Faith led Barnabas to sell his own possessions in order to help the Church and the needy.

Today, Christian Faith leads us to sit in a comfortable pew once or twice a week. Today, Christian Faith spurs us to pass out tracts once a month. Today, Christian Faith encourages us to give a tithe, if we don’t have something more important going on, or if we remember to bring the checkbook to church. Today, Christian Faith leads us to read our Bibles for a few minutes each day….maybe.

Do we even know what Faith means anymore? We have placed our faith in Jesus. That means that we have given up our own wants and desires in order to whole-heartedly follow after Christ. We need to be in His house every time the doors are open because we earnestly desire to be close to The Lord, to feel His presence, to hear His Word. We must trust that The Lord’s ways are better than our ways. That means that we must stop trying to figure out where our  tithes fit into our budgets and start figuring out where our budgets fits into God’s plans, plans to support and prosper the church, plans to support missionary work, plans please The Lord with our income. That means that we must WANT to be in His Word, studying, with a fervent hunger, seeking what God has to say, what God wants us to do and to not do, gaining a greater understanding of His will, planting His Word deep within our hearts, cherishing it as the most valuable thing we can possibly possess on this earth.

It’s time for Christians to stop “playing” the church and started being the church. WE need to stop believing IN Christ, like we might believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. We need to stop having faith in Jesus. We need to have more Jesus in our Faith.

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