The Good Earth

One of my favorite books is “The Good Earth” by Pearl S. Buck.  The book tells the story of Wang Lung, a poor farmer who has a love for the land, but a desire for prosperity and prestige. Throughout his life, Wang Lung faced troubles, like famine and poverty, but also experienced tremendous success, and eventually became one of the most influential men in his region of China.   But Wang Lung never lost his love for the land.  Despite the demands his success placed on his life, he always desired to return to the land.  The most vivid mental picture I have every time I think of this book is of Wang Lung, walking among his farmland, with his bare feet sunk into the soil. He was never so happy as when he was able to commune with “The Good Earth.”

As Christians, we go through so many different seasons in our lives.  We experience the euphoric high of salvation.  The great weight of sin is removed from our shoulders and we experience the peace of Christ for the first time.  Then we go through life.  We experience financial troubles, family issues, conflicts at work, and health issues.  We also experience great blessings, such as having children, being successful in our occupations and fulfilling lifelong dreams. For many, life takes us away from the fertile soil we find in Christ.  As we celebrate the greatest event in history, where Christ gave Himself up and paid the price of our sin then overcame death, let us remember that we will never be so happy as when we have firmly planted our feet in the foundation of our belief in Christ.  Matthew 13:23 says, “But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.” We were once sinners, saved by grace and promised eternity in heaven.  No matter what our struggles or successes on this earth may be, we are assured that God loves us.  And that is a “good” that is beyond measure.

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