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The theme of the D6 conference 2014, portrayed as more than a word, but a necessary action in the homes of Christians today. Hundreds of pastors, leaders, and parents from around the United States gathered together in Louisville, all with the intention of going home better equipped and inspired to lay out the D6 model before their churches and families.
Speakers at this conference were all well-studied in their areas of expertise and passionate about what they spoke of. The subjects touched every ministry in the church, pointing out statistics, new methods and sticking to old ones. But the main idea behind it was a personal relationship with God that must be established in order to lead a church or family in growth.
D6 is something I look forward to very year. The information I bring home to my church and especially my family is so valuable. Abandoning all before God in worship with hundreds of believers refreshes my soul. The one thing that inspires me most is knowing that so many people that surrounded me were going home to serve The Lord and strengthen family’s in his word. Can’t wait for next year to see what God is doing and what he will continue to do.

Chris Littlecreek

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